Expanding the flock with SIX new baby chicks!

Hi friends, happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans? I’m not sure what we have planned on the farm, but I have some exciting (or crazy?) news. If you caught my Instagram stories this week, you might have seen that I’ve been itching to get some baby chicks. As if life with a newborn + toddler isn’t crazy enough, right? I guess we’ve officially crossed into crazy territory over here. We’re expanding the flock and our SIX baby chicks arrived yesterday!

Expanding the Flock

You might be wondering why we needed to get 6 more baby chicks. To be totally honest, we don’t need more animals at all. But hey, we already have 10 chickens, so we might as well have 16, right? At least that’s the logic I tried using with Ben. The conversation went something like this…

Ben: “We should eventually get some chickens that lay different colored eggs.”

Me: (My heart starts racing) “Oh! I saw these beautiful blue eggs on my Instagram feed. Let me see if I can find the picture…”

Ben: (While scrolling through his Instagram feed) “These eggs are pretty cool”

Me: We should just order some baby chicks now.

Ben: “No.”

Me: “I mean, why not? We already have everything we need anyway.”

Ben: “Yeah, we would just need some food.”

Me: Okay awesome, so let’s get some baby chicks. What kind should we get?!

Ben: “No. We’re waiting until Spring.”

Me: “Why? We already have 10, what’s another 5? We’ll probably have like 50 chickens at some point anyway, so these are basically just our “starter” chickens anyway.”

Ben: “Starter chickens? That’s ridiculous, no.”

Me: “Please? I don’t want to wait! (I’m fully aware that I sound like a small child at this point)

Ben: Fine.

Meet our Easter Eggers!

Needless to say, we immediately started browsing through Cackle Hatchery. We weren’t sure what breed (or variety) of chickens we wanted, but we knew we wanted chickens that produced different colored eggs. After a bit of research, we decided on Easter Eggers. Easter Eggers are hardy birds that are also high egg producers – win win!

Easter Eggers lay the most beautiful colored eggs. The color range can include blue, green, olive, pink, and more! Ahhh I’m so excited.

I know it probably looks like I’m crazy after just writing a post about the challenges of having kids on the farm. It’s tricky to navigate starting a homestead while expanding our family, but I’m so excited that our kids will have these experiences from a young age. And maybe visiting with baby chicks for the next few weeks will help Finley defeat her fear of chickens? Who knows.

(Side note – don’t judge my nails, I’m getting them fixed this morning!)

      Expanding the Flock: Questions

Would you have backyard chickens? If you already have chickens, what are your tips for expanding the flock?

Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya back on the blog next week!


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