Evicting the Baby Chicks, Baby Goats, & Baby Bumps

Hi friends, happy Thursday! We’ve had the perfect mix of work and relaxation around here this week.

Let’s talk about all things baby today- chicks, goats, and baby bumps!

Evicting the Chicks

Ben has been working on the chicken coop for a while now. Our baby chicks are no longer babies – they’re huge! It was fun having the chickens in the house for a while, but we’ve been itching to transfer them outside ASAP. Plus, even though our brooder box is huge, they need some more space.

We’ve had some pretty heavy rain in Chicago earlier this week which made it impossible for Ben to work on the coop. The weather thankfully improved, which allowed  him to finish the structural components of the coop. We officially moved the chickens outside last night and I’m SO excited! Baby chicks have officially been evicted from the house 😉

The chicken coop is HUGE. Ben said that we could comfortably fit 20 chickens, so looks like we might need to double our flock pretty soon (sorry hubby).

Fire Pit Makeover

While Ben worked on the chicken coop this week, I decided that our fire pit desperately needed a makeover. We still have some landscaping to do around the fire pit, but I’m loving the new furniture (which is on sale!) and progress so far.

Baby Goats & Baby Bumps

I know I’ve said it a million times, but goats are seriously the coolest animals ever. Ben and I were talking a few nights ago and I kept telling him how pleasantly surprised I am about having goats. They have the sweetest temperament and they make my heart melt.

Now that my due date is quickly approaching, I’ve started to wonder how they’ll react to the new baby. My belly is getting huge and Penny was going crazy last night! She was trying to climb all over me. I’m not sure if she was just excited or if she was reacting to my expanding belly? Who knows.

I’m pretty sure both Penny and Lucy will love the new baby, as long as they can nibble on his onesie while someone feeds them.


Baby Bumps & Questions

Do your pets act differently when you’re pregnant? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Hi! I just found your blog from reading Julie’s (pbfingers) blog about potty training! Your goats are just the cutest! My little one is 1.5 next week and our dogs have been so all over the place. When he first came home from the hospital, one dog stayed as far as possible, while the other one was always laying right next to him. Then as he has gotten older and more mobile, they have switched. The dog (girl dog) that stayed away now loves him and follows him everywhere like a momma, while the dog (boy) that was always next to him as a newborn would prefer to be as far away as possible. I think as he continues to get older and can play fetch and things with them they will switch to the boy dog being the fun one to play around with and the girl dog being the momma. Both dogs were so nurturing during my pregnancy. They would lay next to me and put their head on my growing belly. So interesting how animals react and just know what is going on!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 It’s crazy how intuitive animals are. Our brindle frenchie, Henry, always wanted to be next to my belly while I was pregnant with baby #1. Once she was born, his behavior was AWFUL. He started eating everything, including a nursing pad and a poisonous toad which led us to an emergency ER visit and an ulcer (AHHH!) Now that I’m thinking back, I’m getting a little nervous to see how he’ll handle baby number #2 this summer! Our other frenchie, Marvin, just wants to cuddle and follow everyone around. It seems like both your pups handled the new addition really well though!

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