Backyard chickens have arrived – meet our baby chicks!

Is there anything cuter than baby chicks?

A few months ago, Ben texted me at work saying “What are your thoughts on getting backyard chickens for the Frenchie Farm? Because I might have purchased some baby chicks…”

My heart started racing. To be honest, I have a soft spot for literally anything baby, so I was pretty excited. My dreams of cuddling with baby chicks was shattered when he clarified that he didn’t actually buy them yet, but he was considering it.

Needless to say, that night I convinced him that we clearly needed backyard chickens. I was SOLD and ready to place the order right away.

backyard chickens baby chicks

Ben wanted to start off with a conservative 6 backyard chickens,  but I wanted 15. I figured that if we’re going to  get farm animals then we might as well “go big or go home”, right? Hubby literally looked me at me like I was crazy. After much convincing that 6 chickens wasn’t enough for the Frenchie Farm, we compromised and placed the order for 10 baby chicks.

Our primary purpose for raising backyard chickens chickens is for egg production, so we decided to go with Australorp, Plymouth Rock, and Rhode Island Reds. All 3 birds are hardy in cold climates and are high egg producers.

backyard chickens baby chicks

Where do you purchase baby chicks anyway?

Well friends, who knew that you could purchase baby chicks online and have them delivered to your house (or local post office)? Experienced homesteaders obviously know this information, but this was news to me. After much research, we decided to purchase our baby chickens from My Pet Chicken.

Due to the cold weather, the earliest that we could have our baby chicks delivered was first week in April. We received notification when the chicks shipped and we anxiously waited. We decided to pick them up at USPS rather than waiting extra time for home delivery (and risking their health), so we called USPS and notified them that baby chicks should be arriving at their facility and we wanted to pick them up immediately upon arrival.

Thankfully our baby chicks were all safe and healthy during their travels!

backyard chickens baby chicks

Our baby chickens will be in a brooder box in the house for the first 6ish weeks. Wish us luck having baby chicks in the play room with our crazy frenchies and toddler…

But seriously, frenchies plus chickens are really cute… and really exhausting. Henry is obsessed with laying in front of the brooder box and letting the chickens peck his nose, while Marvin is constantly in attack mode every time he gets close.

backyard chickens baby chicks

Backyard chickens/baby chicks – Question of the Day:

Now we need to name the 10 newest additions to Frenchie Farm. Any recommendations?


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