Two month old baby update

Hey friends, happiest Monday! How was your weekend? We had another super busy, but exciting, weekend over here. While I headed off to my (future) sister-in-law’s bridal shower on Saturday afternoon, Ben celebrated at a friend’s wedding. What are the odds that Ben and I would have two events on the same day at exactly the same time?! Seeing as Ben got home late Saturday evening, I picked up some groceries and caught up on some laundry and cleaning. Total mom win, ha.

On another note, time is going by way too fast. Part of me can’t remember life before Beckham, and the other part feels like he was born just yesterday. I’m posting this two month old baby update a bit late, but oh well. That’s mom life for ya 😉

Two Month Old Baby Update

I’m not going to lie, adjusting to life with a toddler and a baby has been challenging. Every time I nurse Beckham, Finley immediately either wants to hold hands or wants to be held. It breaks my heart when she asks me to “put baby Beckham down” so we can cuddle together. Dividing attention between two kids is really hard and the mom guilt is no joke.

Although we’ve had our fair share of rough times, I can already tell that these two are going to be the best of friends. The way Beckham stares at Finley melts my heart, and Finley is honestly the best big sister. I love the way she holds her little brother’s hand and says “I love you so much!”  Those little moments make all of the tantrums worth it, my friends.



If you’re a tired mama with one (or more) kids that refuses to sleep, then feel free to skip through this post. Finley was such an awful sleeper. I was up nursing every 2-3 hours for over a year. I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation, but it’s amazing how your body adjusts to your new “normal.”

When I got pregnant with Beckham, Finley magically started sleeping through the night. I assumed that Beckham would take after his big sister in the sleep department, so I fully soaked up those 9 months of blissful sleep during my pregnancy.

Well, I’m not sure how we got so lucky the second time around, but we hit the baby sleep jackpot. Beckham goes to bed at around 7-7:30pm, and he’ll sleep for about 8-10 hours before waking up to nurse. This sweet baby is full of smiles and falls right back to sleep. He’ll fuss a few times throughout the night if his pacifier falls out, but I’m not complaining.

Sleep is a complete ebb and flow. Both the good times and bad times never last too long, so we’re definitely enjoying this period of “good” sleep and preparing for the inevitable rough nights of sleep that will eventually arrive!

(As a side note, we recently transitioned him out of the Rock ‘n Play and into a bassinet at night. Our favorite swaddle is here too!)


Beckham’s little personality has started to show through and it’s just the sweetest. He’s the happiest, most easy going baby around. He’s already trying to keep up with his big sister and he doesn’t miss a beat.

This little guy is so alert and easily distracted. I have a feeling that he’s going to be quite the handful as he gets older, but I’ll soak up these sweet cuddles while they last.

Two month old baby update: Questions

Are your kids similar or different? Good sleepers or difficult sleepers? Let me know in the comments below!

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