Things to know before getting a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are probably the best dog breed ever, but they’re really freaking hard. Considering getting a frenchie? Check out these 10 things to know before getting a French Bulldog.

  1. French Bulldogs are really expensive. 
  2. You will spend a ridiculous amount of money at the vet. Okay,  I read this before getting Henry and Marvin and I didn’t believe it. I was convinced that my french bulldogs would be super healthy. HA, that’s hilarious.
  3. They have the worst food and seasonal allergies. When Henry was a puppy, he lost all of his hair around his face. After we spent $500 on allergy testing (see # 2), we found out that he developed an allergy to to milk, pork, eggs, fish, sweet potato, barley, and kelp just to name a few. He is also allergic to wool (bye living room rug), oak (we were in the middle of installing raw oak wood floors), and grass. Even after eliminating all of these allergens, we STILL have allergy issues.
  4. They will have 947593 skin infections. Our worst has been an awful bout with a Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Pseudintermedius skin infection (MRSP) that covered most of Henry’s body. MRSP is basically the animal form of MRSA, so it’s been awful Want to know more about MRSP? Check out some info here.
  5. They will be prescribed a ton of antibiotics. We probably have more animal than human medications in our house. Avoid overusing antibiotics because it basically destroys their gut. Antibiotics are often times necessary, but make sure you question WHY your french bulldogs have recurrent infections. The answer is most likely allergies. If you ignore the allergies, then you are going to face a really tough infection.
  6. Consider a holistic vet. You’ll spend a stupid amount of money (see #2), but you will *hopefully* prevent visits in the future. We’re currently the weird family who has resorted to chiropractic care and applied kinesiology for our dogs.
  7. They should be on a raw food diet. This is definitely one of the things to know before getting a French Bulldog. The food allergy issue is legit, and a raw food diet is really the best route. We (I mean Ben) make our own raw food, but Northwest Naturals is a great brand.
  8. They’re really gross and I’m not exaggerating. French bulldogs are pretty disgusting dogs so you will need to wipe their butt every time they poop. Don’t forget, or your beloved french bulldog will smear poop all over your couch. While typing this post, I just had to smell Marvin’s butt because I was concerned something gross just came out of it while he’s laying on me… #pointproven
  9. They snore and sleep a lot. I actually almost forgot to include this, but Marvin is currently sleeping on me and snoring pretty loudly.
  10. French Bulldogs are the best. Okay, after reading #1-9, you might be wondering why anyone would ever purchase a frenchie, but they are the most loving, happy, and loyal pups ever. Now that you’ve read the things to know before getting a French Bulldog, you’re good to go. We love our (pain in the butt) french bulldogs, and you will too!things to know before getting a french bulldog things to know before getting a french bulldog things to know before getting a french bulldog
    Photo credit: Lindsey Kay Photography

    Things to know before getting a french bulldog: Question of the day

    Do your pups have allergies? What have you done to help alleviate symptoms?


  1. Love this post, so informative!! I’ve actually always wanted a frenchie but I had no idea they were so allergy-prone! I think I’ll just live vicariously through your cute frenchie photos on Instagram instead😂😂 Our lab has had some allergy issues the past few years as well, we’ve tried several things but haven’t had much luck. I have thought about trying to make her food myself but have been putting you have a post about how you make your pup’s raw food??

    1. Thanks Marisa! We haven’t done a post on making our own raw dog food yet, but we’ve had had some interest so I’ll definitely post something soon! It won’t be the most glamorous post though 😉 switching to raw has definitely made a huge difference for us! We’re still having some allergy issues, but Hank and Marv’s overall build changed significantly and their coat feels so much softer. Our vet was so shocked by the drastic change! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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