The Frenchie Farm: meet our baby goats

Seriously, is there anything cuter than baby goats? Maybe I should back up a bit and explain how I convinced my hubby that raising goats on the Frenchie Farm was a good idea…

Soon after Ben and I placed our order for baby chicks, the wheels immediately starting turning. If we’re getting chickens, isn’t the next logical step to raise goats too?

Now when I say “soon after”, I really mean about 5 minutes after placing the order.

Because seriously, have you seen a baby goat before?

Our baby goats

the Frenchie Farm raising goats

The conversation went something like this….

Me: “Hey Ben… what are your thoughts on raising goats too?”

Ben: “No.”

Me: “But they’re the cutest, and if we’re getting chickens, we might as well make this farm legit.”

Ben: “No.”

Me: “That’s not fair. We could have fresh milk and cuddle with them everyday.”

Ben: “No.”

Okay, so it took a little bit of persuassion, but I knew that hubby just needed more convincing…

Fast forward a week or two and we were scheduling visits to local farms to potentially purchase our new pets. After a couple more visits, we put down a deposit for Lucy and Penny.

The Frenchie Farm baby goat

We plan to breed both Lucy and Penny this upcoming fall so we can have fresh milk (and cheese!) everyday on the Frenchie Farm. Ben is under the impression that we will be selling the babies, but I have other plans in mind (sorry hubby).

Because again, BABY GOATS.

Is there such a thing as too many animals? I don’t think so. Plus, toddlers plus goats  are the best combination ever.

The Frenchie Farm toddler playing with baby goats

The Frenchie Farm question of the day:

Would you get farm animals, or do you think we are officially crazy?

If you were to get any farm animal, what would you choose?






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