Pumpkin patch trip and a honey extraction weekend

Hey friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ben was traveling for a few days last week and wasn’t scheduled to get home until Saturday. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when he made a surprise early arrival home on Friday evening. Caring for a toddler, 10 week old, and 17 animals was exhausting. Thank goodness both of our moms live nearby and were able to help while Ben was gone. We didn’t get much accomplished on the farm other than an impromptu pumpkin patch trip and honey extraction, but those are my favorite kind of weekends.

Farm Visits

When my cousin asked if she could swing over to meet Beckham and check out the farm on Friday afternoon, I immediately jumped at the opportunity for some visitors. I clearly needed some adult interaction after being in single parent mom mode for the past few days, ha.

We snuck outside to visit with the goats and chickens before the rain hit Chicagoland. The kiddos were terrified of the chickens (seems to be a theme with kids!), but loved hanging out with Penny and Lucy.

Pumpkin Patch Trip

It was a rainy weekend in Chicago, but we were still able to run a few errands on Sunday in between the rain. We picked up some fall mums for the front porch and took a quick pumpkin patch visit. You guys, this little farm is seriously the cutest.

The old barn is filled with unique pumpkins of varying shapes and colors. The decor is absolutely darling. This barn is what farm dreams are made of, ha. If only we could have something similar on our little farm! One day… 😉

Once we finished up our pumpkin patch trip, we packed up our pumpkins and headed home for HONEY EXTRACTION!

Honey Extraction

It’s the time of year again – HONEY EXTRACTION! Can you tell that I’m excited? Although I’m a bit terrified of bees, (there are 10,000-60,000 bees per hive and we have four hives) I absolutely love honey. We sold out of honey within a few hours last year, so leave me a comment or send me an Instagram DM if you’re local and want to purchase a bottle.  I’m planning to publish a full honey extraction post soon, but here’s a little glimpse into last year’s honey!

Well friends, I’m off to Beckham’s 2 month doctor appointment this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I’ll see ya back on the blog this week.



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