One year chicken anniversary

one year chicken anniversary Frenchie Farm blog
Ever since I became a mom, I’m really sentimental. Please tell me I’m not the only only one?!

Over the weekend, I casually browsed through our account on My Pet Chicken (wait, is that considered a normal weekend activity?) I realized that exactly one year ago (yesterday) was our one year chicken anniversary! Our little homestead journey began when we placed that first order for ten baby chicks, and we haven’t looked back since.

One year chicken anniversary

I remember so vividly the day when we took our first step toward creating a homestead. (Confession – at the time, I didn’t even know what a “homestead” was.) While I was at work, Ben randomly sent me a text that he wanted to buy place an order for five baby chicks. I’m not sure what came over me, but I figured “let’s go big or go home” and I tried convincing Ben to order 15. We compromised with a solid ten baby chicks, and I anxiously awaited for the babies to arrive.

Little did we know that ten baby chicks would quickly multiply into twenty full grown chickens roaming around the farm.

and goats

Along the way, I somehow convinced Ben that we should also add goats to our homestead. He thought that I was crazy, but he reluctantly agreed to add two baby goats to our backyard farm.

Two baby goats quickly evolved into 3 goats (and future babies!). Goats and chickens are somewhat addictive. A handful of chickens turns into an entire flock. Two goats turned into 3+ goats (and a weird goat obsession.)

nigerian dwarf goat


One year chicken anniversary

So here we are, friends. Our one year chicken anniversary with 20 chickens, and hopefully a lot more chickens in our future. I’ve officially turned into that weird chicken lady that excitedly greets her chickens every morning (check out my Instagram stories if you’re wondering what I mean). And ya know what? I’m totally okay with that 😉


  1. Happy chickenversary! I can’t wait for us to get chickens, but we’re gonna wait til spring. Two cats and a six month old baby are enough at the moment!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I hear ya, my litle guy is almost 6 months and he’s a handful! Can’t wait to hear about those baby chicks!

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