Modern Holiday Cards from Basic Invite

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Hey friends, happiest Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Is it just me, or do the holidays still seem so far away? It seems absolutely crazy that Halloween is less than two weeks from today. Before we know it, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years will be here. How is that even possible?! I have a confession – I’m awful at holiday planning. I always want to send out holiday cards, but seeing as I’m a procrastinator, it never ends up happening. Well friends, I’m turning over a new leaf this year. Thanks to Basic Invite, my modern holiday cards are officially FINISHED! Check out the details below.

Modern Holiday Cards

There’s something about receiving  creative Christmas cards in the mail that makes me feel so happy. We’re always bombarded with photos of friends and family over social media, but having photos in a printed form always feels so much more personal, doesn’t it? Even though I always want to send out holiday cards, I never can find the time. Between designing the card, organizing family photos, and writing addresses, sending holiday cards always falls to the back burner on my to-do list.

If only I knew how easy it was to send beautiful holiday cards, then maybe I wouldn’t have procrastinated for so long! Seriously, Basic Invite makes the entire process start to finish ridiculously easy. Plus, you can completely customize your order! Double win.

The sample cards below are so darling.

creative Christmas cards

Basic Invite Process

I’m honestly not sure why I thought that designing holiday cards would be so hard, but I was obviously very wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re a computer whiz or if you struggle with technology – Basic Invite literally makes the entire design process foolproof.

Basic Invite offers over 500 Christmas card and holiday card designs, so it’s basically a guarantee that you will find a design that you absolutely love. They also offer foil cards in gold, silver, and rose gold. All of the foil options can be designed in either flat or raised foil as well. Basic Invite offers so many options for customizations to ensure that your holiday card looks exactly that way you envision them. How sweet is this sample card?

holiday cards for businesses

When browsing through the holiday card designs on the website, I immediately fell in love with the Yearbook Photos design. I simply uploaded photos, arranged them in the template provided, chose my colors, and customized the text. That’s it. 

Basic Invite even offers recipient address printing on all Christmas card orders! Don’t have addresses for your friends and family saved? No worries! Basic Invite offers an address capturing service. Simply request for your friends and family to provide their addresses via a social media link (Facebook, Instagram Twitter, etc,) and you’ll have the option to select the addresses during the design process. I absolutely hate writing addresses, so Basic Invite did it for me 😉

Basic Invite Perks

Unlike many other websites, Basic Invite provides almost unlimited color options with instant online previews. You can customize the smallest detail of the card’s design with over 180 color options. You can even customize your envelope with over 40 different color options! Just look at the adorable samples below.

modern holiday cards modern holiday cards

Not sure if you like your final custom design? You can even order a printed custom sample of your card before placing the final order!

Final Thoughts

Based on the website’s ease of use and the beautiful design options, I had a feeling that I would love my modern holiday cards. When I received the holiday cards in the mail, I was so impressed by the clear images and vibrant colors. I honestly love the back of my card just as much as the front. The quality is absolutely beautiful. Is it weird that I (not so secretly) want to display my holiday card somewhere in the house? It’s basically a collage of my favorite photos throughout the year, so why not!?

Use the code holi30 for 30% off your Basic Invite Order. They also offer  holiday cards for business, too!

As a side note, shipping was also super fast. Perfect for holiday procrastinators 😉


Do you usually order holiday cards? Let me know in the comment below!



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