Labor Day Weekend & Birthday Celebrations on the Farm

Hey friends, Happy Labor Day! We didn’t have any major things on the agenda for Labor Day  weekend, except we celebrated Ben’s birthday on Saturday! Rather than going out to celebrate, he wanted to sleep in, relax at home, and get a few things completed on the farm. A perfect weekend!

The Big 3-2 & Labor Day Weekend

I’m not one for sappy posts, but we’re so lucky to have this guy. Not only is he the most hardworking guy around, he’s also the best dad and husband. I’m not sure how he has the energy to work 12 hours days followed by building our dream farm, but we’re so thankful for all of his hard work.

Photo cred: Lindsey Kay Photography

Even though Ben wanted to relax at home for his birthday, he couldn’t resist getting some work done of the farm. Typical work-a-holic, right? He didn’t finish working until about 9pm on his birthday, but let’s be honest, that’s a normal day for this guy. Seriously, how does he do it?!

Crazy Chickens

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen that Finley officially conquered her fear of chickens! Although she has always loved petting her chickens, she would get super afraid every time they started walking toward her. I’m not sure what changed this weekend, but she suddenly decided that chickens are the coolest.

It’s basically impossible to get her inside these days. She’s way too busy chasing chickens around the farm and holding them. This toddler always keeps mama on her toes 😉


In all seriousness though, chickens are really funny. They have such silly personalities and are super naughty. They love sneaking into the goat area, and one chicken even laid an egg in the goat house. Silly chickens.

And even naughtier goats

You might have noticed a theme on the blog – goats are really naughtyAlthough they are the sweetest and most gentle animals, they also tend to be trouble makers. Goats constantly figure out ways to escape, so appropriate fencing is really important. 

Well, even though we have ample fencing on the farm, our naughty goats still escaped last week. We aren’t sure exactly what happened, but the gate somehow opened. Perhaps the gate wasn’t completely latched, or the wind might have blown the gate open. Either way, I came home to find Penny and Lucy happily grazing in the chicken area. Within the time it took for me to call Ben and head outside, the goats were IN THE CHICKEN COOP.

The door into the coop is tiny, so I have no idea how they even fit through it. I ran outside and found the goats eating chicken feed. That might not sound like a huge deal, but chicken feed can kill goats. Needless to say, I went into panic mode. I gave them some baking soda to combat any potential bloat and picked up some emergency supplies that evening  just in case. We lucked out – the goats didn’t eat much and didn’t have any adverse effects, but holy moly it was terrifying!

And baby snuggles

No weekend is complete without baby snuggles, right?

Labor Day Weekend: Questions

Let me know about your Labor Day Weekend in the comments below!




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