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I’m so excited to share the details about our farmhouse remodel and renovation in this farmhouse blog post!

Since starting this little farmhouse blog, I’ve received a few requests to post pictures of our farmhouse remodel and renovation. Below includes all of the details!


Ben and I moved to the farm a few months before we got married three years ago. His grandmother unexpectedly passed away, and it was always Ben’s dream to live on the farm. We immediately sold the house we were flipping (to my sister and brother-in-law!) and purchased the farmhouse.

The house itself was old and outdated, but we decided to move in “as-is” to give ourself a bit of time to make renovation plans. Well, I got pregnant within a few months of being married, so we needed to expedite the whole farmhouse remodel a bit. We quickly finalized plans and moved into an apartment for about 6 months during construction. Ben and his dad completed the renovation themselves during nights and weekends. It was a rough few months, but it was worth it.

We cut our timeline close, but Ben and his dad thankfully finished the farmhouse remodel and renovation on time. We moved into the house about 2 weeks before I delivered my daughter. WHEW, it was a crazy year to say the least!

Anyway, about those before and after photos of the farmhouse remodel and renovation. The house needed to be completely gutted, but it had so much potential!


farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

We wanted to create an open concept design that would allow us to easily entertain friends and family. Plus, having the kitchen open up to the living area makes it much easier to wrangle kiddos. Vaulting the ceiling makes the space feel much larger than it actually is.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

Thankfully Ben and I have the same design preferences – we both gravitate towards a rustic, farmhouse style. Ben tore down an old barn and was able to keep all of the barn wood (SCORE), so we incorporated barn wood into different areas of the house. He built the light fixture above the island, wrapped the exterior of the island, and covered the accent wall all in barn wood.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

We also created an entry way to gain some extra storage space.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

Ben scored this beautiful stained glass piece as a gift from his parents. They acquired it from an old church and it works perfectly in the space.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

The original bathrooms were pretty rough to say the least.


farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

Although the bathroom space is a bit small, we maximized the space with a double vanity. Light colors make the bathroom feel a bit larger as well.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

The powder room was super outdated.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

So we gave it a complete overhaul.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

Our master bedroom definitely wasn’t the most relaxing space. It needed A LOT of work, but it’s now my favorite room in the house. I’m so excited to share it on the farmhouse blog!


farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

We vaulted the ceilings in the master bedroom and incorporated barn wood detailing on the ceiling. I absolutely adore this room!

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

For the nursery, Ben built a rustic barn wood wall. We incorporated a light pink and gray theme throughout the room.


Last but definitely not least, the screened porch is EVERYTHING. I honestly didn’t think that this porch had any potential before the farmhouse remodel and renovation. Once again, Ben proved me wrong. These before and after photos are my favorite on the farmhouse blog.


farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

I’m dreaming of lounging on the porch while drinking a glass (or two) of wine, eating sushi, and watching our chickens and goats in the backyard once this baby comes.

farmhouse remodel and renovation farmhouse blog

We still have a ton of plans for our little farmhouse moving forward. We’ll be converting the playroom into the nursery for baby #2 in the next few weeks, and we’re finishing the basement to have an extra play area. Ben and I also plan to add a master suite addition in the years to come. We’ll eventually build a garage addition as well along with expanding the farm, but we’re taking it one step at a time. We’ll post progress photos on the blog, so stayed tuned.

Thanks for stopping by the farmhouse blog! 🙂

Farmhouse remodel and renovation – questions

Have you ever remodeled a home? What were your experiences like? I would love to hear your comments below on the farmhouse blog!



  1. I found your blog from your post on Peanut Butter Fingers and I just had to say I am so impressed by your renovations! Your home is absolutely beautiful. My husband and I bought a fixer-upper about a year ago and have been slowly changing it room by room. I am astounded by how quickly you got everything done!

    1. I’m so happy you stopped by the blog! 🙂 thanks so much for the positive feedback! The house was pretty rough- mice decided to move into the basement, out kitchen flooded, and I was pregnant, so we didn’t have much choice but to do it quickly! Remodeling can be super hard (especially when you’re living through it!) but you’ll love it when you’re finished! 🙂

  2. Your blog revives my hope. You have a great eye. It’s hard for me to visualize it all but I’m hoping my vision for our restoration will turn out as beautiful as yours. I would love to have you subscribe to our blog to follow us in our remodeling adventure. And your chiming in would be amazing.

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