Farm fresh eggs, anyone?

Hey friends! How’s your Monday going so far? We’re still pretty consumed with newborn + toddler life over here, but we have some exciting farm news. Our backyard chickens started laying and we officially have farm fresh eggs!

Farm Fresh Eggs Have Arrived

The past few months have been pretty crazy for our family, so the chicken coop has been unfinished for a while. Ben needed to finish building the nesting boxes, but our chickens were too young to lay eggs so we weren’t in a huge rush. We thought we had until the end of the month (at the earliest!) until they started laying eggs, but Ben found a surprise in the chicken coop Friday night….

The good news? We found THREE perfectly tiny eggs on Friday. The bad news? Seeing as the nesting boxes weren’t finished, the eggs were in the chicken coop. We decided that building the nesting boxes clearly needed to be a priority over the weekend. Despite the 90 degree heat, Ben managed to finish the nesting boxes and added the board and batten strips to the chicken coop. The only remaining task is painting – woo!

By Sunday, we found a FOURTH egg! You guys, we officially have farm fresh eggs and they taste amazing!

On another note, Finley is thankfully starting to warm back up to the chickens. She’s still a bit nervous around them, but she’s a happy camper as long as she can feed them a ridiculous amount of treats.


Evenings on the Farm

We also decided to harvest some of our veggies from the garden over the weekend. It was our first year planting carrots and they turned out amazing. We originally planted them for goat snacks, but our finicky goats only want to eat the stems. More carrots for us!

Our tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and Finley loved helping with the harvest! In actuality, she picked the unripe, green tomatoes straight from the vine, but at least she tried to help? ha.


Is there anything better than babywearing and having your toddler “help” in the garden? Nope.

Now that the weather is starting to cool off in the evening, it’s been so fun to spend some time on the farm as a family. I usually have Beckham in a sling, so Finley loves asking Ben to run around the farm. It’s probably the sweetest thing ever.

Farm Fresh Eggs: Questions

Any tips for encouraging your chickens to lay eggs in the nesting boxes?

Alright friends, the kiddos and I have lots of baking to do today with our huge pile of carrots and zucchinis! Have a great Monday and I’ll see ya back on the blog this week!






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