Fall weather is here! Fall on the backyard farm

Hey friends, happy Friday! The weekend is here and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. For the first time in a while, we have literally no plans. I absolutely love relaxing weekends on the farm. After a hot and steamy summer, cooler temps have officially hit Chicagoland and fall weather is here. Below recaps our week of fall on the backyard farm!

Fall on the Backyard Farm

Fall weather is here! Even though I have a mild obsession with summertime,  I actually love fall in Chicago. Leaves turning, pumpkin patches, jean jackets, and flannel are just a few of my favorite things. Unfortunately, fall lasts for about 1 week in Chicago, and then we experience what feels like a never-ending winter. I think I’m secretly destined to live in a warmer climate. Moving isn’t a realistic goal at this point, so I’ll soak up this perfect fall weather while it lasts. 😉

After such a busy weekend, it’s been so refreshing to slow down a bit. Best way to slow down Give your goats a hug…. or strangle their necks and roll around in the goat pen. We’re still working on appropriate toddler – goat behavior over here, ha.

Speaking of rolling around in the goat pen. I have no problem admitting that I’m a germaphobe clean freak. (We actually purchased this for the goat house, but we keep forgetting to mount it.)

I’m the weird person that makes everyone take their shoes off immediately after walking into the house, especially if they were just with the farm animals. Because you guys, who wants goat or chicken poop in their house?

Anyway, Finley’s new favorite thing is to literally roll around in the goat pen. She gives Penny and Lucy huge neck hugs until she falls to the ground. If this homestead life has taught me anything, it’s forcing me to let go of my obsession with cleanliness. Just taking deep breaths to get through it over here, ha.

Heart melting

There’s something about this simple homestead life that makes my heart so happy. I can’t help but feel such gratitude for our impulsive decision to start a backyard farm. Our kids will have the oppportunity to learn how to grow and harvest their own food (even if my picky toddler refuses to eat any of it, ha) while also growing up alongside farm animals.

Watching this little one light up every time she picks up a chicken, collects eggs, or feeds her goats some snacks just makes my heart melt.

Fall Weather is Here! Fall on the Backyard Farm: Questions

What’s your favorite part about fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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