Chicken coop improvements

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Happiest Monday, friends! How was your weekend? We didn’t do anything too crazy on the farm, but we spent some time with friends, Ben made chicken coop improvements. and the baby chicks are officially roaming around the farm. Below recaps our low key weekend.

Chicken Coop Improvements

Now that we expanded our flock, we needed to make some minor improvements to the chicken coop. Our previous roosting bar setup made it tricky to clean out the coop, so Ben built new roosting bars that would allow him to easily clean our the coop when necessary. Seeing as we have a slight obsession with buying more baby chicks, we also need to add more roosting bars to accommodate our growing flock.

Ben also built two new dispensers – one for feed, and one for grit. Best part about these chicken coop improvements? The feed dispenser can be securely closed! We’ll finally be able to let the goats roam around the farm without worrying about them sneaking into the chicken coop and eating chicken feed. (Yes, that already happened.) I’m so excited for Penny and Lucy to have a bit more space to run around.

chicken coop improvements

Roaming Chicks

We originally planned to slowly integrate the baby chicks with the adult chickens, but we decided to test out an early integration over the weekend. We kept a super close eye on the chicks, and it looks like they’re adjusting well to life outside the coop. With the exception of one Australorp that has a tendency to bully her baby sisters, the rest of the chickens are basically ignoring the chicks.

chicken coop improvements

Our Easter Egger chicks stayed inside the coop for the first day, but they quickly ventured outside and roamed around the farm. Although they’re definitely spit-fires, they aren’t exactly the smartest chicks. When I went outside to check on them yesterday, they immediately ran through the holes in the electric fence. Ugh…

chicken coop improvements

Chicken Coop Improvements: Questions

Would you get backyard chickens? If you have chickens, what type of chicken coop improvements have you needed to make? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ll see ya back on the blog later this week! 🙂




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  1. We have about 20 chickens right now, the breeds are Buff, Amerucanas, Oliver Egerton, silkies, bantam, seabright, marans, and a few others I’m forgetting right now lol.. one thing we did change in the coop is from wood chips-deep litter method to sand, and that has been amazing. So easy to clean and doesn’t even smell one bit.

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