A weekend of building – DIY tomato trellis & house bed

Hi friends, happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had beautiful weather in Chicago, so we definitely enjoyed some time outside on the farm.

It was a weekend of building over here. Ben was busy building the DIY tomato trellis and house bed, while my little one and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend outside in the garden and running errands.

Building the House Bed

In case you missed my last blog post, we decided to transition our toddler from the crib to a big girl bed. I think my hubby is officially crazy, because he purchased all of the material and built the entire  house bed within a few short hours. By the end of the night, he already had two coats of paint finished. How does he do it?!

We still need to put some finishing touches on the house bed along with purchase bedding, but it’s pretty much finished. We just ordered this mattress and I’m hoping to find some sheets today. Any suggestions?

I’ll do an entire post once the bed is complete, but here are a few photos during the build.

house bed

house bed

While Ben built the house bed, my little one and I watered the flowers and weeded the garden. There was a beautiful breeze outside, which was such a nice break from the intense heat that we’ve been getting.

When I say “we” weeded the garden, I actually mean that I weeded while she attempted to run toward the bee hives, sprint through the garden, and climb the goat fence. Gotta love toddlers, right?

Goats & Frenchies

If you caught any of my Instagram stories over the weekend, you might have seen that Penny learned a new trick – jumping on top of the bench ledge. Thank goodness I was outside at the time, because she was about to jump from the ledge to the goat gate! We obviously needed to do some goat proofing around the goat pen this weekend too. Naughty goat, I love you too much for you to escape.

Poor Henry is still super itchy, but his ears are luckily on the mend. The cone of shame didn’t hinder his porch napping at all though 😉

DIY Tomato Trellis

Our little tomato plants aren’t so little anymore! Eeeeek, I get so excited for homegrown tomatoes! Apparently our toddler couldn’t contain her enthusiasm either, because she picked a tiny green tomato straight off the vine. Oh well, it’s a learning experience, right?

Our tomato plants went wild last year, so we knew we wanted to create a better structure to keep them upright.When Ben told me he was planning to build a DIY tomato trellis, I had no idea that he was planning to build something so ridiculously epic…

But once again, Ben surpassed my expectations with his crazy plans. I’ll post a full “how to” post soon in case anyone wants to recreate the most epic tomato trellis ever.

DIY tomato trellis

Our weekend ended with picking dinner from the garden and a sunset. Seriously, does it get any better than this?!

Spoiler alert, but we decided last night that we might be getting 7 more chickens. Follow my Instagram stories and check back on the blog for more updates this week!

Questions: DIY Tomato Trellis & House Bed

I would love to hear any tips/suggestions about transitioning your toddler from a crib to a bed! Feeling both excited and nervous over here.

Have you made a DIY tomato trellis? How did it go?

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I’ll see you back on the blog later this week.



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