Blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp

Frenchie Farm: blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp
If you caught my Instagram  stories over the weekend, then you might have seen that I attended a blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp!

The backstory

A few weeks ago, I received a message from the Marketing Director over at Harp Design Co. inviting me to a blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp. I wrote the message off as a weird spam account … but then I realized that it was legit. I immediately RSVP’ed for the event and I felt so pumped.

One of my favorite parts of watching Fixer Upper was seeing the beautiful custom pieces built by Clint. If you’ve seen our farmhouse remodel, then it’s no surprise that I have a minor obsession with barn wood. I love the way that Clint creates such one of a kind pieces out of old scraps of wood.

Before I go any further, I have to be honest. I obviously love watching Fixer Upper (who doesn’t?), but we don’t have live TV over here. Although our farm is close to town, no cable companies will service our area. In order for us to get internet, we have to use a mobile jetpack with a limited internet data plan (side note – we often times run out of data mid-month, so the only way we have internet is by connecting to our mobile hotspot.) #farmlifeproblems.

Anyways, seeing as we don’t have live TV, I never even had the opportunity to see the last season of Fixer Upper. Needless to say, I definitely didn’t have the opportunity to watch Clint’s show, Wood Work. I’m still figuring out how to juggle being a working mom with having a 2.5 year old, 6 month old, 2 dogs, and a homestead …. so I didn’t exactly have time to read his new book, Handcrafted, either. But that’s real life, isn’t it?

Frenchie Farm: blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp

Blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp

Seeing as Ben is a huge part of our little blog, I decided to invite (or lovingly persuade) him to tag along. Although Ben and I weren’t super prepared going into the meet and greet with Clint Harp, I’m so glad that we attended the event. Not only did we get the opportunity to meet some other talented bloggers, but we also had so much fun chatting with Clint.

Clint seems super down to earth on TV, but I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect in real life. So many people appear one way on TV, but then are completely different in person. Well friends, what you see on TV is exactly what you get with Clint. Clint is so personable and easy going, which created a perfect environment for the meet and greet.

When Clint entered the small conference room, he immediately made all of the bloggers feel relaxed and comfortable. Clint was also so welcoming and expressed so much gratitude for us meeting with him. The meet and greet with Clint Harp was mostly a Q + A style forum. This forum style provided us with an opportunity to ask him literally anything. Nothing was off limits. We asked so many questions, ranging from his experience on Fixer Upper and filming Wood Work, his personal and professional highs and lows, how he manages his professional life while still prioritizing his family, to his goals for Harp Design Co.

Frenchie Farm: blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp

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Following your goals

Want to know the most surprising part about the blogger meet and greet with Clint Harp? Clint has such a passion for motivating others to follow their passions, even if their passions don’t fit within the expectations that others have placed on us. Clint took a risk by following his dream to create a business out of building furniture. It was a risk that he felt passionate about, and it was a risk that paid off. Despite experiencing road bumps along the way, he allowed himself to follow his dreams. Although he’s obviously an incredibly talented carpenter and woodworker, I think he missed his calling as a motivational speaker. If you have the opportunity to meet Clint, then you will immediately feel inspired to follow your dreams. (However crazy they may be!) What’s stopping you from taking a chance and following your goals?

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