Just an average week on the homestead

Hey friends, happy Thursday! How’s your week going so far? The last few days have been super rainy, so we haven’t been able to spend too much time outside. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend and hoping that our muddy farm dries out a bit.

To be honest, life on the farm has been pretty slow these past few weeks. I wasn’t sure what to write for this blog post, but sometimes it’s fun to share just an average week on the homestead. Because those slow times are just as good as the crazy times, aren’t they?

Baby Chick Update

You guys, where has the time gone!? Our baby chicks are looking like mini adult chickens these days. Seeing as we’ve been having unusually warm temps in Chicagoland, we decided to move our baby chicks outside to the chicken coop last week. This is our first time expanding our flock, so we’ve been pretty cautious about introducing our babies to the adult chickens.

We haven’t let the adult chickens and baby chicks mingle quite yet. They’re all in the same coop, but Ben sectioned it off so they can’t actually touch each other. We’re planning to slowly integrate the chickens over the next few weeks to reduce the likelihood that the adult chickens will hurt the baby chicks.

The whole process has definitely been a trial and error experience. Fingers crossed everything works out!

Goat Plans

A lot of people ask if we’re currently milking our goats. Milk production in goats works the same as it does in humans. In order to milk the goats, we need to first breed them. After they finish nursing their babies, we’ll start milking.

Seeing as we’re planning to milk our girls, we need to start making plans for breeding. We want to make sure that we fully research our options. Breeding places our goats at risk for contracting various diseases if we aren’t careful, so we aren’t rushing our decision. As long as breeding goes as planned, we’ll have BABY GOATS this spring.

and some play date fun

It’s pretty hard to play outside when the farm is filled with mud. I actually don’t mind the mud, but when the mud mixes with chicken and goat poop, that’s where I cross the line. Needless to say, we’ve been spending more time indoors lately. I think we’re all getting a bit stir crazy, but that’s Chicago weather for ya.

When it’s too muddy to play with goats and chickens, indoor playdates are the next best option. Finley and Grace constantly talk about how they are best friends. These girls are only 12 days apart, and they’re just the sweetest together. We had a little play date yesterday and they had so much fun together. Aren’t they the cutest?!

(Finley’s doll carrier is here!)

Well friends, that’s what an average week on the homestead looks like these days! Every time life slows down, we usually decide to do something big and impulsive. We’ll see what happens next 😉

Just an Average Week on the Homestead: Questions

What are your weekend plans? Let me know in the comments below!


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