Adios 2018, and hello 2019!

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Hey friends, happiest New Year!

Sounds cliche, but the phrase “the days are long, but the years are short” couldn’t be any more true these days. This year feels like a complete blur, but it’s definitely been one for the books. Adios 2018, and hello 2019!

Adios 2018, and hello 2019!

Every year since we’ve gotten married, Ben and I joke that this will be be year for us to slow down. Each year has ironically been crazier than the next. In the last three years, we’ve remodeled our farmhouse (and lived in 3 places!) had 2 kids, andstarted a homestead. Although slowing down sounds fun in theory, I’m really loving our hectic lives.

2018 was the year that we decided to start a homestead in our own backyard. We started growing our own food while also learning how to care for 3 goats, 20 chickens, and 4 beehives. I started this little blog. We expanded our family and welcomed our sweet baby boy into our lives. It’s been exhausting, but also pretty incredible.

adios 2018 hello 2019 homestead goals

2019 goals

Rather than setting a New Years resolution that I’ll probably forget about within a week, I’m viewing the New Year as a clean slate. The beginning of the year feels like the perfect opportunity to start fresh and set goals.

Family goals

Our biggest family goal is to set (and stay!) on a better schedule and routine. Although life has been crazy, it’s time to get back into meal planning, eating together as a family, and going to bed earlier. Sounds easy, but holy moly, it’s really hard.

Personal goals

This year has been a huge challenge for me. Adjusting from one to two kids is no joke, and sleep deprivation is legit. I’m quickly learning that my own productively is closely tied to whether or not Beckham sleeps, and that’s okay. My biggest goal this year is to let it go (can you tell I’m watching Frozen while writing this?). I’m working on giving myself more grace and patience. As a perfectionist who lives by to-do lists, this is really hard. I want to work on being more present as a mom, so the to-do lists might need to wait sometimes. Especially on those nights that my stinker baby is up every 2 hours to nurse!

Photo cred: Lindsey Kay Photography

Homestead goals

We have so many ideas and future plans for our little homestead, but many factors are outside our control. (We aren’t are if the farm will continue to stay in the family or eventually get sold, etc). I’m attempting to accept the uncertainty and let it go (still watching over here, ha).

This is our first year entering into kidding (i.e. goat babies!) season. We’re so excited (and slightly terrified) to deliver Fran’s babies. 2019 will also be our first year learning how to milk a goat, which should be an interesting experience!

Other homesteading goals include raising animals for meat (excuse me while I go cry) along with some other exciting next steps. I’m not sure it these will happen in 2019, but time will tell!

adios 2018 hello 2019 homestead goals

Adios 2018, and hello 2019!

Are you setting any New Years resolutions or goals this year? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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