5 reasons to get goats

Frenchie Farm blog 5 reasons to get goats
Hey friends, how was your weekend? We got a ton of snow and spent some extra time relaxing at home.

Seeing as we had a snow day, we bundled everyone up and headed out to the farm. As we gave the goats a few extra snuggles, it dawned on me – goats are the best. Okay, I know I’ve said it once (or a million) times before on the blog, but goats are seriously amazing. Thinking about getting goats, but not totally sure? Here are 5 reasons to get goats! Because everybody needs a goat (or 10).

1. Goats are the sweetest

Looking for a farm animal that is gentle and friendly toward the entire family? Look no further, because you need a goat. Seeing as we have young kids, Ben and I wanted to make sure that our farm animals were kid-friendly. Goats are as friendly as you make them. As long as you handle your goats frequently and provide them with lots of attention, then you’ll have a few new besties for life. Just more reasons to get goats!

2. You need more than 1

Speaking of adding a few new besties to your farm – you need more than one goat. Goats are herd animals, so they always need at least one goat buddy. What’s better than one goat? Two goats, or thirty. Whatever floats your goat, my friends! More goats = more reasons to get goats!

3. Low maintenance

Need more reasons to get goats on your homestead? Some people may disagree, but goats are pretty low maintenance. Although goats are very curious and tend to be trouble makers, they’re pretty easy to care for.

We chose to add Nigerian Dwarf goats to our homestead because they’re small and are good milkers. Although our property backs up to the family farm (which is about 60 acres), we only live on 1.25 acres. Nigerian Dwarf goats require less space than larger goats, so they’re a great option for families that have a smaller homestead.

5 reasons to get goats

4. Eat your weeds

Hate weeding? Just add it to the list of reasons why you need goats. The phrase “goats eat anything” isn’t totally true, but goats will eat your weeds. We’ll cut branches off overgrown trees and throw weeds into the goat area for healthy snacks.

5 reasons to get goats

5. Goat Milk

In my opinion, goat milk is one of the biggest reasons to get goats. We haven’t milked any of our goats yet, but we’re so excited about the idea of raw goat milk (and cheese!) We have a long family history of autoimmune diseases and I have a difficult time with cow’s milk, so we have a lot of goat milk in our house. Goat milk is easier to digest and less inflammatory than cow’s milk. Seeing as goat milk only has A2 casein,  the proteins are similar to human breast milk. How cool is that?!

5 reasons to get goats – BECAUSE…. GOATS

I mean, goats are awesome. Do you really need more reasons to get goats? Nope.

Do you have more than 5 reasons to get goats? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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