2018 Homestead Gift Guide

2018 homestead gift guide
I’m so excited to share my 2018 Homestead Gift Guide with you all! 

Remember when I said that I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping within a week? I didn’t exactly finish, BUT I have 90% of my Christmas shopping waiting in my Amazon cart, so I’ll still take it as a win. If you still need some gift ideas for your farm loving friends and family, then look no further than my 2018 Homestead Gift Guide.

For the farm: GADGETS

The below items in my 2018 homestead gift guide aren’t the most exciting, but they’re practical and functional, so it’s a total win in my book.

Baby Chick Heater: It’s the perfect time to start getting ready for your spring chicks! We’ve used this heater for all 20 of our chicks, and it’s worked great.

Cozy Coop: If you have a minor obsession with adding more baby chicks to your flock like we do, then you need the Cozy Coop! It can be a bit tricky transitioning your baby chicks from the brooder box to your outside chicken coop if you live in a cold climate. We’ve been using the Cozy Coop to add supplemental heating to our chicken coop for our last batch of baby chicks.  We have zero complaints so far!

Automatic Chicken Coop Door: If you have a chicken coop, then you need this. You can program the door to automatically open in the morning and close at night at specific times. One less farm chore to worry about, and perfect if you’re traveling or get home late. It’s a splurge, but one of the best items on my 2018 farm gift guide.

Electric Fence: Not the prettiest fence, but it keeps our animals safe so I’m not complaining.

Heated Waterer: If you homestead in a cold climate, then you need a heated waterer from your animals. We use this one for the chickens and this one for the goats.

For the farm: WORK CLOTHES

Women’s Coat: Seeing as I usually wear my normal winter coat (which just got a hole in the pocket!) on the farm, I think I need an upgrade ASAP. This coat isn’t exactly the most attractive, but are any farm clothes pretty? Clearly, functional over fashion wins in my 2018 farm gift guide.

Men’s Coat: Ben purchased this coat a few years ago and it’s still in great shape. It’s HUGE so it’s also perfect for babywearing!

Women’s Boots: I would love to upgrade my cheap boots for these!

Men’s Boots: Ben has these and they’re perfect for farm chores.

Gloves: My hands are taking a major beating this winter, so I clearly need to invest in a good pair of gloves for the farm.

Ear Muffs: I’m not a huge hat person, but these ear muffs do the trick. Bonus points that Ben and I can share them.

2018 Homestead Gift Guide: Questions

I hope that the gift ideas on this 2018 farm gift guide were helpful! What must-have homestead items would you add to the list?


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