2018 Farm Kids Gift Guide

There are two types of shoppers in the world. Those that finish their Christmas shopping by the beginning of December, and those that wait until the last possible second. Seeing as I haven’t even started my holiday shopping, I’m clearly a procrastinator. Now that life is getting a bit busier with more kids and animals, I’m hoping to start (and finish!) Christmas shopping within the next week. If you need some ideas for the kids on your list, then check out my 2018 Farm Kids Gift Guide.

For the FARM

Toddler Hat: I have a mild obsession with toddlers wearing Carhartt. Not only is the brand super functional for farm life, but it also looks ridiculously cute.

Carhartt Jacket: I didn’t even realize that this jacket came in toddler sizes until I started browsing through Amazon. SO CUTE and perfect for winter on the farm.

Carhartt Bibs: I’ve linked to these bibs a million times now, but they’re seriously the best. No more chicken poop on clothes is a major mom win.

Sherpa Lined Gloves: These look so cozy and warm!

Boots: These boots definitely need a warm sock underneath, but I love how they can be worn throughout the seasons. They’re also super easy to clean.

Jeep: If Ben gets his way this year (which he probably will), then this jeep will be Finley’s big Christmas gift. Motorized toys make me a little bit nervous, but I think she’ll absolutely love it. The jeep is controlled with a remote, so that makes this over-protective mom feel a touch better!

Baby Hat: This is SO CUTE and will keep Beckham nice and toasty on the farm.

Baby Snow Suit: When I bring Beckham on the farm, I usually put him in a sling and zip Ben’s super big Carhartt jacket over him. He stays nice and warm, but he’s going to need a snowsuit pretty soon!

For the HOME

Monogrammed Ornament: We have a monogrammed “First Christmas” ornament for both of our kids. I absolutely love both of them.

Hand Print Ornament: We made this hand print ornament for Finley’s first Christmas, and we’ll definitely be doing the same this year with Beckham. (Excuse me while I go cry in a corner just thinking about how big these little ones are getting!)

Doll House, I absolutely love the Hearth & Hand doll house,  but I don’t exactly love the price tag. This one is simpler, but still darling.

Princess Dress: We’re in major princess mode over here, so I have a feeling that we’ll be creating a dress up collection for Christmas.

Nightgowns: These nightgowns are really intense, but princess obsessed little ones will love them.

Bookcase: Seeing as Beckham is still too young to understand opening gifts, we’re going the practical route this year. We have the same bookcase in Finley’s room and it surprisingly holds a ton of books, so I’m waiting for a good sale before placing the order.

Freshly Picked Moccasins: I snagged a similar penny loafer style when they were on sale at Nordstrom. These little moccasins fit so nicely and hold up well.

Personalized Woodwork Bench: Beckham is obviously too young for this, but I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for the future.

2018 Farm Kids Gift Guide:

Do you finish Christmas shopping early, or are you a procrastinator like me?

Have a wonderful Thursday, and I hope that this 2018 Farm Kids Gift Guide is helpful! 🙂

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